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demoNow is a good time to book your tree service work. Act now because our schedule is filling up fast!

demo Winter is also a great time to have your trees injected for spring growth. We have injections that can boost growth or stop seed production (That means no more acorns and pinecones!)


Our Services

Der Oskar Tree Service provides a wide variety of services, everything from Tree Removal to routine trimming and pruning. Our equipment is all professional grade and our arborists are extremely dedicated to providing the best services at the best value. Below are our most popular services.

Tree Removal

We specialize in the removal of Hazerdous Trees over homes and powerlines. No jobs are too big or too small for us to handle! Click Here to learn more.

Organic Pesticide Spraying

We offer a spraying services that keeps annoying and harmful pests away from your property. Our pesticide is 100% organic and completely safe for pets and people. Click Here to learn more.

Tree Injections

Our Tree Injection service is perfect for customers that have overgrown trees that produce pine cones and acorns or have suffered damage. We have the ability to promote new growth and stop acorn production all together. Click Here to learn more.

Stump Grinding

Do you want to get rid of stumps that may be a sore sight on your property? Our stump grinding equipment can chew up stumps of all sizes and make them completely disappear! Click Here to learn more.




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