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Stump Grinding

Homeowners have used many methods over the years to remove tree stumps after a tree removal. Stumps have been pulled out, dug out, burned out, or have poured various chemicals on stumps to accelerate the decay of the stump. Although there are a number of ways to remove stumps , using a stump grinder is the fastest way to remove a tree stump.

For many years it was thought that stump grinding was an optional tree care service that was not necessary if the stump was in a remote location in the landscape. However, current research indicates that grinding out tree stumps can reduce the chance of other trees in your landscape from becoming infected with tree decay fungi. Stumps that remain after a tree removal can become infected with wood decay fungi. Over time these fungi will develop spores and fungal hyphae that will grow out into the soil. If a healthy tree is wounded in the future the decay fungi will have the opportunity to infect the wound.

Our service removes the stump completely so you could never tell that a tree was even there! This is the only want to know for sure that the other trees on your properts are safe. Also, if you ever want to use the space in the future there will be no stump issues to worry about.

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